Happy Holidays from CMCEA!

Another year has passed and together we met all the challenges laid before us. This year, I came on board as Vice President for CMCEA and when Patrick Bauer, our then President, moved on to another opportunity, I had the challenge of filling his shoes as new CMCEA president. We were in the middle of tenuous negotiations with the City and an election was on the horizon. Even with these challenges before us, the CMCEA family and the residents of Costa Mesa stood together to fight the good fight. For that I am thankful and humble, and I am filled with both optimism and hope for 2015!

My holiday wish to my CMCEA family is for each of you understand deep in your hearts and souls how important you are to the community. Reflect on the contributions you make every day to keep the community safe and civil. Never regret that you have chosen public service as your career because what you do truly matters.

To the residents of Costa Mesa, I want to wish you a safe, joyous and happy holiday season. Thank you for your continued support. In 2015, I wish you all an abundance of happiness and peace!

Happy Holidays,

Kelly Vucinic
CMCEA President

CMCEA elects new president

cmw_patrickbauer_011614The Costa Mesa City Employees Association has elected Patrick Bauer as their new president following the retirement of Helen Nenadal in December of 2013.

Patrick is an Associate Engineer for the City, where he has worked for eight years. He has been a member of the CMCEA Board of Directors for the past seven years, leading City employees through one of the darkest eras in the City’s history following the death of City maintenance worker Huy Pham and the City Council’s unsuccessful attempt to lay off more than half the workforce in 2011.

Since then, Patrick and the rest of the CMCEA Board of Directors have helped support City employees through a challenging era punctuated by political attacks and dangerously low staffing levels. He is on the CMCEA bargaining team, which is currently negotiating with the City for a new contract.

Acknowledging there may be added pressure and attention in his new role, Patrick is confident the relationships he’s formed during his tenure will help employees navigate these challenging times.

“I’m just going to do my best and stand up for what is right,” he said.

Patrick came to Costa Mesa in 2005 after a long career in the private sector. He chose public service because it provided stability for his family and an opportunity to connect with the community in a way he felt was more meaningful than when he worked for corporations. Now, he says, he feels deeply connected not only to his coworkers, but to the entire Costa Mesa community.

“I am honored that I have been chosen to represent my fellow employees in a leadership role at the City of Costa Mesa,” Patrick wrote in a recent email to employees. “I promise to continue to listen to your concerns and do what is in the best interest of your conditions of employment while working with the City of Costa Mesa. I do not take  the  responsibility lightly and feel it is an  important position, ensuring  the proper  checks and balances remain in place, not only for my  fellow  employees but for the community and  citizens of Costa Mesa. As always, I welcome your feedback and value any concerns you may have. I look forward to a prosperous 2014.”