City rejects employee transparency reform proposal

The City of Costa Mesa on Monday rejected transparency and lobbying reforms proposed by city employees during its third round of contract negotiations.

The City employees’ proposal would have required City Council members to disclose discussions with lobbyists and donations by campaign contributors before voting on contracts that could benefit those lobbyists and contributors.

“We are disappointed that the City Council majority once again rejected transparency reforms designed to protect taxpayers from corruption in public contracting,” CMCEA President Helen Nenadal said.

The City also changed its initial proposal to cut City employee salaries. Under the City’s amended proposal, approximately 65 percent of current employees would see a salary cut of 7.5%. Newly hired employees would start their jobs at the City at an approximately 7.5% lower wage. And about 35% of current employees would see an immediate salary cut of 2.5%.

“City employees are committed to partnering with the City to deliver the most effecient and high quality services for the public,” Nenadal said. “Unfortunately, the City’s proposal to unnecessarily slash salaries only shows the Council is more interested in continuing its political attacks on employees than working together to deliver the best services at the best value to Costa Mesa residents.”

Click here to read the City’s full amended proposal.