Leading the way toward leaner benefits?

Last week, in a Daily Pilot story about the City of Costa Mesa’s contact negotiations with its rank-and-file employees, Mayor Jim Righeimer held up CEO Tom Hatch as an example of leading the way toward leaner benefits.

Since the dedicated employees of the Costa Mesa City Employees Association were the first to achieve pension reform – long before executives eventually followed suit – and since they do not receive many of the perks included in executive compensation packages, we thought it would be useful to show how Mr. Hatch’s compensation package compares to what the City has proposed for its lowest paid workers, the members of CMCEA.

For good measure, we also added the City’s executive benefit package. As you can see from the chart below, Mr. Hatch continues to enjoy much richer benefits than what the City is proposing for its rank and file employees, including 80-120 hours of executive leave in addition to his vacation and sick leave banks.