Retired CM Police Captain: “Community doesn’t need divisive leadership”

Retired Costa Mesa Police Captain Allen Huggins recently spoke out about how a politically motivated and adversarial approach to dealing with City employees can negatively impact the community.

His comments were published this week on the community blog, A Bubbling Cauldron, in response to an article about how politics are harming police officer recruitment that was published in the Daily Pilot (Update: The comments first appeared in the comments section of the Daily Pilot story). Here are just a few excerpts. Visit A Bubbling Cauldron to read his full comments.

“There is a significant issue with attracting quality personnel to the (Police) Department, and there has been shortly since the Righeimer and Mensinger were elected and appointed, respectfully. The Department has also been experiencing an exodus that is unprecedented. While there are a variety of reasons, it would be unreasonable to believe there isn’t a connection between the tenor the City Council has set, under the tutelage of the current majority, and the personnel difficulties the Police Department has been and is facing.”

Captain Huggins went on to write that “the economic environment dictates that all expenditures be reviewed, including salary and benefit packages. What isn’t necessary is the rhetoric the City Council majority likes to inject into discussions.” 

The City’s rank and file employees agree that there is a much better way to work collaboratively to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver the best services in Orange County. Our proposals, in contrast to the City Council majority’s attempt to completely destroy the years of consensus that are represented in the current contract, will reflect that common-sense approach.

Thank you for reading. And thank you, Captain Huggins, for speaking out.