A call for greater transparency

In case you missed it, last week, the Orange County Register ran a news story about the COIN ordinance and how it may affect contract negotiations.

The Register also ran an editorial by Helen Nenadal describing how COIN should be expanded to infuse transparency into the City’s public contracting practices. For example, before voting on a contract, City officials should disclose who lobbied them and any campaign contributions they may have received from the bidders or their lobbyists.

Councilwoman Wendy Leece proposed an ordinance that would acheive these reforms, but the Council majority inexplicably voted it down. (The Mayor submitted an editorial as part of the Register’s coverage, but did not explain why he voted against expanding COIN to include public contracting.)

This morning, a Voice of OC story about more unanswered questions related to the City’s 60th Anniversary celebration illustrates why transparency in public contracting is so important. This is just one more example about why the City’s employees stand for true transparency at City Hall.